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On The Road

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Kristen and I are 3 days into our summer tour. We passed through Salt Lake City to pick up some gear from our newest sponsor. We’ll share more about them next week.

We are in AZ now with three shows this coming Sunday July 8, at Impact Church Kristen Johnson, recognized as the World’s Premier Female Escape Artist will be attempting her Full View Water Torture Cell three times Sunday morning. The show opens with a big surprise, so don’t be late.

Monday we head to CA and pick up two of our stuntmen and our director. As you know we also produce a Stunt Show. 50′ high falls to a stunt airbag. The best part about Movie Stunt Adventure, is in between shows, You’re The Star.  Our back lot turns into a stunt school where you can train with us and learn to do high falls yourself. It’s a huge rush. In fact our motto is: IF YOU’RE NOT LIVING ON THE EDGE, YOU’RE TAKING UP TOO MUCH SPACE.