Who is Living Illusions?

LIVING ILLUSIONS, the international touring production featuring Master of Illusions, Kevin Ridgeway and Premier Escape Artist, Kristen Johnson is a one of a kind Christian event jam packed with illusions and escapes featuring dazzling special effects, breath-taking illusions, incredible lighting and death-defying escapes insuring the audience a wave of emotions not soon to be forgotten. From Kevin’s hysterical comedy to Kristen’s charm, this award winning team is sure to capture the audience’s hearts as they share the Gospel in a unique an innovative way creating an inspirational evening.

LIVING ILLUSIONS is the largest show of its kind in the Christian marketplace and the only show currently touring and performing the Water Torture Cell escape immortalized by the great Harry Houdini. Kristen Johnson, recognized as the World’s Premier Female Escape Artist, is the only female in the country attempting this suspenseful escape on a regular basis. Among illusionist, escapologist and historians there is no disputing the fact that she is only the 5th female in the history of the world to even attempt it. You won’t even find this daring escape in the largest stage shows in Las Vegas. Another first you won’t find anywhere is that they perform this amazing escape in full view. Every escape artist including Houdini himself covered the water cell with a veil not allowing the audience to actually see the escape. Since most have never witnessed this daring event first hand, they’re mesmerized as they watch an audience member help shackle and chain Kristen with locks, Smith and Wesson handcuffs and leg irons before she is immersed into a watery grave and the lid padlocked into place above her head. Her record underwater on one breath is currently 3 minutes 18 seconds.

Kevin Ridgeway and Kristen Johnson were given the top award in their field during the 4th Annual International Escape Convention where they unveiled their futuristic 360 degree Full View Water Torture Cell Escape to their peers. Kristen was also featured as the only woman on the Discovery Channel produced TV special Inside the Houdini Museum, highlighting the life and escapes of Harry Houdini. For this documentary style show which aired numerous times on the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel, she performed the Spike Escape, as she was handcuffed under a ceiling of 13 razor sharp spikes with only seconds to escape before they came crashing down and slicing through her body. Each year along with their LIVING ILLUSUIONS faith based show for churches and conferences the duo also performs numerous general market shows at large arenas, fairs, festivals, sporting events, theaters, colleges and high schools across the country. In 2009 the couple was featured numerous times on national and international television including CNN Headline News, the new Hollywood taped series Master of Illusions where they performed the finale for two of the episodes as well as the subject of a special feature on Inside Edition which was shot on location at one of their theatre shows. The in-depth interview produced by CBS New York, titled Lady Houdini gave Kristen her new moniker as the show aired in 206 markets across North America.

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  1. Timber Tina says:

    Hey Kristen & Kevin! It was SO great to meet you in Louisville! I LOVED the Water Cell, it was SO exciting! Enjoy the rest of your time in KY, I’ll be in touch after Alaska… All the Best, Timber Tina

  2. We are looking for someone to come in and do a performance for a large group of children and their families. We saw you in Beaumont TX at Hot Hearts in January 2011. I am not sure of the right lines of communication to try to reach you on pricing so I thought this would be a good place to start. Your message is powerful and I will always remember it. What a wonderful way to spread the Good News. God is in control in so many ways and that is so evident through your performance. Please let me know about my request. It will most likely be around early March 2012. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope all is well with both of you and by the way….your marriage was a huge testimony to me and my husband. We were both able to witness your show in Beaumont as we accompanied out students for the conference. Thanks!

    Kristin Stark

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