Hot Hearts Beaumont, TX

Hot Hearts in Beaumont, TX was an incredible youth conference. 5500 teens from Texas filled Ford Park Arena. The event featured speaker Clayton King, funny man Kacy Benson, Christian Stanfill, rapper Tedashii, Family Force 5 and yours truly, Living Illusions.

Kristen kicked of the event with her aerial stunt. She wrangled herself free from a straitjacket while upside down at about 30 feet in the air. Next she pulled herself up and released her feet from the footloops holding her in place. Now hanging by her hands, she let go and did a High Fall to an awaiting stunt airbag. Christian Stanfill led worship for both days. It was moving and got everyone praising God together.

Clayton King really brought home the message. Throughout Friday & Saturday over 1000 came forward and gave their life to Christ. Kacy made people laugh till their sides hurt. Together Kristen and I did several illusions. Kristen also did her Rope Tie piece where she ended up with a gentleman’s jacket on underneath the ropes and knots he had just tied himself. I brought my straitjacket out for a comedy bit. Sorry about the $50 guys.

Family Force 5 rocked the house Friday night. They are good friends of ours and it was great seeing them and catching up. Solomon really knows how to work the crowd. They had them in a frenzy.

Saturday morning we got serious and talked about people’s lives. A teen named Tyrin came up and I hope he never forgets what transpired on that stage. Remember, When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

The afternoon session started and it was time for Kristen’s Full View Water Torture Cell. This was her 893rd attempt. She did great, the crowd was eerily quiet, then erupted with a standing ovation as she escaped that watery grave. The crowd was loud and it was humbling to see the outpouring of appreciation from the crowd. After the water cell I gave the message ‘You’re The Love of My Life’. The true story of Kristen’s incident in the water cell 4 years ago, the extra time I had with my father before he passed away and how God wants to use us, in spite of our failures. Wrapping the message up with my coke can illustration seemed the perfect way to drive the message home to everyone.

Tedashii closed the conference Saturday afternoon with an impressive performance. The bass was thumping, his lyrics were right on target and the crowd was really into it. He reminds me of rapper LG Wise. I talked with him after the show. He’s legit and I hope our paths cross again this year.

Thanks to Adam, Reed, John, both Micah’s, Lee, Andrew, Cindy with Ford Park and everyone else I forgot for helping make the weekend a huge success! You guys made our job easy and we greatly appreciate each of you. To the teens and youth leaders…you guys are awesome. The outpouring of love & support in just the past 2 hours on Facebook has been overwhelming. We love you guys. Texas ROCKS!!!

Kevin coke can

God, Family, Stryper
Peace out,
Kevin & Kristen

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4 Responses to “Hot Hearts Beaumont, TX”

  1. Nicole Dufner says:

    I was there, and saw y’all for the second time!
    You guys rock!
    two things; 1.) Is there any where I can go online to see the scroll? to show my friends?
    2.) I put the water cell on youtube.
    check it out

  2. hannah terry says:

    This was my verry first year at Hot Hearts and I loved it.It was asome!Yall made it so cool.I am only 11 years old.I was the one with 2 outher girls who tooked the pic. with you and I asked how yall did that.It was so scarry but also asome,and so amazing.I wish that I could do that some day.It was so cool!I had a lot of fun.It was at First Babist Church.Sorry for posting this on the Gulf of Mexico Adventures one sorry aguin.Thanks.Have a nice night.

  3. Sydni says:

    heyy omg i was at the hot hearts event it was awesome i live near orange i hope you can come perform near me soon i would also love to see you in person yall are awesome keep it up!!!!! love the way yall love god

  4. Cindy says:

    I was at the conference with our youth group. I am a teacher and would like to get a copy of the positive/negative poem that you displayed to use with my students. Can you tell me where I can find that poem? By the way, the conference was great. You guys are amazing.

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