The Illusionist

Kevin Ridgeway, Master Illusionist, grew up in Wichita on the Kansas Plains. At an early age he was drawn to rock music, not the typical bands, but the cutting edge mega groups that took their music a step further by staging their shows as arena and stadium theatrical spectacles. These concerts were packed with incredible lighting, multimedia and every type special effect known to man. Little did Kevin know it, but his exposure to these sensory overloaded touring shows would be the basis of which he would fall back on years later when he set out to produce his own touring illusion show that would set him apart quickly from hundreds of other magicians.

After high school he moved around a number of times, traveling to numerous foreign countries, and living in Southern California and eventually Colorado where he envisioned settling down permanently. It was there in Denver he was offered an opportunity by an Indiana marketing firm he couldn’t pass up, so he moved once more to the Midwestern city of Indianapolis. A move that would forever change his life as it was on a collision course to meet a young lady by the name of Kristen Johnson. As friends she took him to a magic convention one weekend and he was hooked. He returned home from the event and immediately quit his successful marketing job and began learning and performing magic tricks.

Kevin started off performing parlor magic at birthday parties. Those that were around him were amazed how fast he could master a trick. He became proficient at sleight of hand in a very short time and moved from there to larger illusions. With a strong work ethic he set his sights on building a large show that could be performed in school gyms and cafetoriums. Saving up money from his performances he began to acquire larger more expensive illusions & props.

It was at this time that Kevin and Kristen Johnson got together and decided to produce a full blown show for teenagers. Working together was a natural for them. Their individual performance styles complimented each other and flowed seamlessly on stage. From Kevin’s hysterical comedy to Kristen’s charm the couple together were quickly able to capture an audience, disarm them and leave them enchanted.

Kevin’s confidence on stage was evident as he would choreograph Kristen’s movement with illusions and escapes. This feat did not go unnoticed as they caught the eye of a TV producer that was casting a show for Discovery Channel Productions. Kevin and Kristen were hired for Inside the Houdini Museum and went on to perform one of the most memorable illusion/escapes of the special which ended up airing numerous time on both the Travel Channel and Discovery Channel.

They were invited to Australia to perform during the 2000 Summer Olympic festivities, and while down under they were married in a romantic ceremony barefoot on the beach. Upon their return to the United States, they began plans to take their regional illusion show national. Within just a couple of years their first production LIVING ILLUSIONS was crisscrossing the nation. The six figure touring show traveled by a Freightliner sleeper rig jam packed with illusions and escapes, two multimedia screens, ninety feet of box truss, intelligent lighting and special effects. They had hit it big as their show was in demand nationwide.

Kevin, an excellent communicator, puts together the magic show like a master weaving a fine tapestry. Building each production with breath-taking illusions and death-defying escapes he wraps each in heartfelt music and special effects that takes the audience through a wave of emotions not soon to be forgotten. His showmanship along with Kristen’s notoriety as the World’s Premier Female Escape Artist created a huge demand in other markets causing them to create the production company Ridgeway & Johnson Entertainment, Inc. which currently produces three touring shows, each year. BREATHLESS, produced exclusively for the performing arts market, the self titled RIDGEWAY & JOHNSON SHOW for the college, fair, festival, sporting events and corporate events market and LIVING ILLUSIONS for the faith based market. Currently in preproduction for 2010 are the new touring shows CIRCUS XTREME and JAZZACADABRA.